Toyota Supra

A: Sounds like a decent deal to me, have somebody look it over though.

Q: Toyota Supra???
i've always wondered i know alot about cars. but the toyota supra came with a 2JZ engine wht cylinder is tht? i figured 4 CYL because it came with the twin turbo option. and twins would not fit V6. please help thank you in advance i just need to know if it a 4 cylinder or 6

A: All Supras have had a 6 cylinder inline.

Q: Does a 1985 toyota supra look anything like a 1985 toyota celica?
I have a 1985 toyota supra and some people say it is a 1985 toyota celica, am i right or are they.

A: it is probably the celica supra you have. 1983 a celica version with bigger engine was introduced called celica supra . in 1986 4th gen celica became fwd. and now with its own individuality rwd supra is born. get some pictures on the net & compare.enjoy your clsssic icon.

Q: How much would a brand new Toyota Supra cost?
My brother and I are having an argument about which costs more an Audi R8 or a Toyota Supra. If you could give me some comparisons about these two cars that'd be great.

A: There is suposed to be a new supra in 2010, which is estimated to cost around 70 grand. As for a brand new R8, that is around over 100 grand.

Q: Why are Nissan Skylines and Toyota Supra illegal in some states?
Why are Nissan Skylines and Toyota Supra illegal in some states? Someone told me it was because the could out speed cop cars. Is that true? And is a Toyota supra a really good racing car because I am feeling like buying one. Could they beat cars like lamborghinis, Ferraris, and Vipers?

A: There is no doubt the Skyline and Supra's are great cars and well proven in motor sports,there engines are super tunable and have been popular for many years the Skyline since 1957.

The more recent Rb and 2jz engines are a tuners fav due to being detuned stock and actual stockrunning is close to 600bhp and well over 1000bhp with further mods,but what makes them popular is the easy way to get this power from these engines and these are bullet proof engines.

The Supra is a great car and can easy beat the Ferrari models etc as said the tt 2jz version can be seen running over 1000bhp and the same witht he RB26 skyline engines also,and the rb25 engine can be seen at 1000bhp.

There are legal Supra versions in the US ,also there are Skylines which where sold throught the late Motorex and now sneak in through loopholes.

Q: How hard is it to do a transmission swap on a 94-98 Toyota Supra?
I recently bought a Automatic 95 Toyota Supra. All the Stick Shift ones were really expensive and I figured I can by a manual transmission and swap it out. However I don't know if it's going to be that easy. My friend did a tranny swap on his 87 Toyota cressida and said it wasn't too hard. All you needed was another different motor mount for the front and the clutch and cables. How much will it cost?

A: List of parts:transmission,flywheel,clutch and brake pedal assembly,ecu,driveshaft,and don't forget all the bolts....any car built after 95 may have an irreversible check engine light after a swap like this.

Q: How much would i expect to pay for a 96-03 toyota supra?
How much should i pay for a 1996 - 2003 toyota supra?
Whats the lowest price, and what does the price range from?

A: 93 to the time they stopped making them which I think was 98. You'll be looking anywhere from 15,000 and up. I shopped around for one myself and I just gave up. Way to pricey.

Q: Is a Toyota Supra Mk3 a good winter car and daily driver?
I would like to purchase a Toyota Supra Mk3 (1986-1992) and was wondering how it performs in the winter as it is RWD. I am also wondering if it would make a good daily driver.
Also this will be my first car.

A: You should also consider that such a car may be expensive to insure. Check your insurance rates before buying one, for example here -

Q: What would make a 1983 Toyota Celica Supra keep blowing the EFI fuse every time I turn the key to ACC position?
1983 Toyota Supra keeps blowing the EFI fuse when I turn the key to Acc not even trying to start it?

A: A power wire is shorted out. When you turn on the switch, it sends power to the wire, which is grounding out, and popping the fuse. My guess would be a wire got hot and melted the insulation off and it's shorting out on you. Good Luck.

Q: Whats the difference between a Toyota supra non turbo and a turbo?
Do the the turbos go faster and are they better to get if you are gonna race with it? What would the price be around on a 1999 toyota supra turbo?
and are under car lights illegal in NY?

A: Yes, the Turbos make more Horsepower.

The main difference between the two is that one has a Turob and one does not.

As someone else noted you can't get a 1999 Supra.

The last model years they imported to the US were 93-98. These are the most highly desired Supras. They have made well over a 1,000 HP at the rear wheels on stock internals.

These guys are beasts and can handle anything you can throw at them. Plus they have a HUGE aftermarket following.

If you do find one, prepare to pay out the nose. I have seen Stockers go for over 40K. Modified ones have seen prices over 100K.

But you might find them anywhere 20K to 50K.

Yes undercar Lights are illegal.

Q: What Engines will fit in a 1984 Toyota Supra that came with a 5M-GE engine?
I have a 1984 Toyota Supra MKII, and i want to do an engine swap with a newer stronger car so i can find aftermarket parts for it easier, right now it has the stock 5M-GE engine in it.... I was really wondering if an MKIII or MKIV engine will fit... Im open to suggestions, any engine that will fit is a good suggestion to me right now, please help, thanks.

A: simple engine swap.s are 6mge or 7mge or 7mgte which is 3 ltr turbo all will fit in without any mod's the computer will also self learn all the efi system also the later 1jzge will fit or 2jzge or the big mother 2jzgte but not without a lot of work fitting and you will require a later computer all cost $ in time and money it just comes back to how much money you are willing to spend

Q: where can i find a headlight conversion kit for my '86 toyota supra?
I have a 1986 toyota supra 3.0, it has the stock flip up headlights, i am looking to convert the flip up into the stationary headlights, i have seen them before on other cars but cant locate where to buy or even view for that matter, if anyone could locate a site online with pics and prices that would be awesome, thanks in advance.

Yahoo groups are a great place to look for info on specific topics of any kind.
Try there or ebay.

I loved the pop up lights on my Supra. I miss it like crazy.

Good luck ;0)

Q: What should I do with my 1984 Toyota Supra?
Okay so my dad gave me his 1984 Toyota Supra and I was wondering if it is worth fixing up or should i sell it? The engine is fine, it can run once it gets a new battery. The seats need replacing and it could use some body work but its in pretty good shape. Would it be a better idea to just get rid of it and invest in another car or stick with it?

A: You do realize that this car is considered a full first class antique, in which you may apply for antique plates to verify it. You could shine it up clean and maintain it, make it look perfect again, and drive to cars shows both now and in the future. 25 years old make any car a classic antique. And you Supra just may be a car ot keep and covet for life. I can bet you it turns head now. By the time it reached 30 or more years old you will have a gem that peoples tongue may hang out for. think about it. You are young, and the car is ALREADY a classic. By the time YOU are an antique, you will be driving vintage Toyota's legendary Supra which by then may be 60 years old and it will leave people aghast. Because the new cars from here on in..will NEVER be the same quality. Keep it. Refurbish it. Relish it. Soon there will be no other cars like it in the world. That's a fact.

Q: How do I change the timing belt on my twin turbo 98 toyota supra?
I would like to find a diagram or a toyota pdf service manual for servicing my 1998 vvti toyota supra rz twin tubo manual transmission car. Would anyone know where I could find one on the net, for free if possible I am just after buying the car, my wallet is empty!lol

A: the first thing i do when i buy a used car is go to auto zone and buy a manual for the car $20,00 it will give all the information you need to take good care of the car and will pay for itself the first time you use it!

Q: What type of engine can I swap into a Toyota Supra?
I'm thinking about buying a Toyota Supra, what kind of engine swap can I perform?


a couple of famous ones on the link.

lol another thumbs down ,which is strange after only posting a link to a world famous company and famous cars,so info is hardly wrong.